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Who loves hiking?

When I was younger I used to live in a boarding school in Krokow. Some of you may know that Krakow is not far away from Zakopane. We used to go hiking quite often in The Tatra mountains over longer weekends in almost every season. I loved the fact that the weather was changing so fast. I could stare at the light falling on the peaks in front of me for ages. The sky was changing from a very dramatic dark one full of clouds into a bright blue one full of warmth. I can still smell that fresh air after the rain or the wild Fir trees when going through the forest.

Some memories tend to live longer in our mind and come back every now and then when we least expect them. I wanted to share with you the following new piece, inspired by memories of my visits to the Tatra mountains. The sharpness of the high climbs with the contrast of warm meadow surrounded with Firs. I hope it may encourage you to go there or simply bring memories of your hiking in different mountains. To find out more information about the paintings, check "Landscape"subpage.


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