Anna has been drawing and painting since she was a young girl. She used to draw and paint nature, portraits and architecture whenever she had a chance. She finished a law degree in Criminal law and become successful in future roles in corporate business, however her creative side was left unfulfilled. Art was more of a way of spending her free time rather than a way of living until 2015. After 12 years of working in administration she decided to change her profession and follow her heart. She finished an Art and Design course at New College Nottingham and since then art has become her full time job. It was almost like the passion for creation was waiting to be released and she started her journey as an artist. Her final show at college was a big success and revealed an interest in a contemporary approach. 


    Anna is a self taught artist and mainly paints in oils. All of her paintings are created with love and care from her studio in Cotgrave. She loves travelling and documenting interesting parts of nature, seascapes, skies, harbours and light. The places she visits, live long in her memory until she is ready to bring them back to life on canvas with her own interpretation. She starts the artwork by creating a suggestion of the mark using acrylic, gesso or other media and then covers it with many layers of oil paint. Some paintings take a few hours, some a couple of days and others a few weeks as she lives with the painting and constantly adds changes and details to make sure she has captured everything she wanted. Her abstracts are strongly influenced by her passion for Argentine tango and emotional response to nature. 


    Her works are exhibited in local galleries such as Lime Gallery in Nottingham, Peter Spowage gallery in Nottingham, Henry Brewer Gallery in West Bridgford, Gallery 18 in Loughborough, Fourwalls Gallery in Melton Mowbray, Long Acre Studios in Bingham and Meander and Mooch in Newark. She participates in art events in the UK each year presenting her new work as well as running workshops and art demonstrations for local groups of artists. 


Thank you very much for visiting my website. I hope you found what you are looking for. You can always commission me to create a painting for you.