© 2017 Anna Schofield


I remember during the developing stage of my project in the collage I loved experimenting with different media, textures and tool. While painting my recent abstracts I can fully focus on painting emotions and freedom of mark making process. 

Polyfilla,gesso, sand are some of my favourite media which I like to add to the painting. All of them create unique layers which surprises me every time. 

My sketchbook is a must to take every time I go away. Once I find a place that I want to stay longer at I take my sketchbook out to sketch all that I find interesting.

Later on these sketches are used as my materials or references for my next paintings.

All of my artworks are created in my studio at Cotgrave. My daily routine is quite simple. I wake up in the morning, do a short meditation and plan day ahead or execute what was planned a day before. While I am painting I listen to music that influences my emotions and help to work with the piece.

Days I enjoy the most are those when I get to experiment and create something without a finished vision in my head. I just follow my intuition and work until I am happy with marks I created.

Art Events

Participating in a local art fairs is a wonderful occasion to present my work to a bigger audience. It is always so rewarding feeling to see all of the artworks display on the wall. During the small events its harder to present bigger pieces hence I make sure I have a good selection of small size paintings. If a customer likes my style then its easier to present my work at my own studio when they can be displayed. 

I have weakness towards turquoise in all shades possible hence I just had to create few artworks that could bring the essence of the colour. 


Unknown result 

When I start a new painting I have a general idea of a feel I want the painting to have however I don't know what the outcome is going to be. Emotions are influencing my choice of colours and the amount of texture. 

I start applying the paint and play with marks and tools to create interesting marks on the canvas. 

Its a fabulous journey to see how the final result starts to reveal itself. 

Once the background is completed I am ready to start working with the palette knife, paper towels, sponges or even fingers. I love experimenting with different media and different tools. The less control I have the better the outcome.