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"This is the first time I've ever bought Art instead of making my own. I absolutely love Anna's art and couldn't get one particular painting out of my head. When I was given the opportunity to buy a piece, I leapt at it. Anna was kind, helpful, communicative and considerate. The painting was wrapped well, posted quickly after payment was made and postage was very reasonable. I can't thank you enough. Xxxxxx"                           



I have attended 3 workshops with Anna all at Anna’s home/studio. 2 of the sessions were one to one’s and then my sister came along with me for my 3rd session. I have loved every session with Anna and want to do more sessions. I have learnt so much and it was just such good fun and I came away with some beautiful paintings that I had created during each day and with lots of info and ideas.. Both my sister and I had never painted before and we have now bought ourselves some oil paints and are just loving painting. Anna is very patient and explains everything thoroughly. It is so much fun too and I cannot recommend Anna enough, whether you are new to painting or an experienced artist. She also makes the most amazing lunch too! A great day out!


"Anna's work is beautiful. The colour palettes she uses gave a tonal harmony, the detail, the texture, the lines - all come together in a whole. I particularly like her land and sea scapes where the use of light is often Turneresque. It really draws the eye. The detail of her flower studies is balanced by a gentleness and her abstracts melt and swirl around light."


Some time ago I met Anna at a tango event. While dancing with Anna, I felt Anna was dancing very musically and artistically. After the dance I had a short chat with Anna, in which I found out Anna was an artist, Due to her style of dancing, thought it would be nice to see some of Anna's paintings, So I attended an art show at which Anna was showing her art.


The paintings "blew me away" is an understatement. Living near the coast myself, the seascapes had a huge impact on me. Never have I seen such depth and spirit in paintings. They seem to reach out inviting the viewer into them. An inspiring mix of light, dark and vibrant colours creating the impact. One of Anna's recent paintings, when I viewed I was sure I could here the waves crashing onto the shore line.


If you look deep enough into the paintings, I can speak of my experience. They are giving us hope. a lesson light coming out of darkness. Not sure where Anna finds the spirit to paint such inspiring paintings. I have now purchased four of Anna's paintings. The most recent is of such depth, its difficult to find the words that do it justice. Best to take a look at Anna's paintings yourselves


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