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Art and craft fairs

Should artists participate in art and craft fairs? Definitely yes! This is the best to present your work to publicity and talk about it. We are the experts in our art, style and we can talk for ages about what inspired us to create that piece.... and trust me everybody wants to know what was going through your mind when you were painting a specific scene. Some artists may not like this sort of contact and prefer others to talk for them. That's ok however remember, even one sentence about your art coming from you its worth twice more than comments coining from others.

Art fairs are a great opportunity for the artist to advertise themselves and get commissions.

I have been commissioned to paint other paintings from every single event I have participated so far. Commissions can be quite tricky if you are very independent artist however it is up to you to fulfil the order so go for it. Remember to write down the contact details, subject and agree the next step of communication. It happened to me once that i only gave my business card and the person didn't contact me.The reason could be simple such as they forgot or lost my card. You need to be in charge of communication and if you are an experienced artist you can take some deposit during the event for purchasing materials. Its hand to have a copy of the contact with you.

The other interesting element about art and craft events is preparation the stock to the event. You may be an artist who creates on a big scale and thats great however people who visit this events may not be ready to spend a lot of money. In order to get yourself prepared make sure you have plenty of prints or if you have more spare time create artworks in different sizes.

I hope you found it very helpful. If you have more questions about these events do not hesitate to drop me a message. Good luck with your next event!

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