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The memory of Cornwall

There are days when we just wish we were on our holidays. The memories of places we visited come back and we are ready to pack our suitcase and go to another unique destination. What if you could look at that wonderful view on your wall every day? What if you could feel you are still there, just by looking at the painting that captured the unique feel you had when you were away?

Cornwall is one of the most incredible places that I have visited and it touched my heart. If you haven't been then I highly recommend you do. I have completely fallen in love with the incredible contrast of the dramatic coastline of dark stone with the mediterranean colour of the sea, the best colour of grass carpets you can see and these stunning stormy skies. All of this makes the place so unique and breathtaking. A lot of artists have been attracted to visit Cornwall for many years and there is no surprise why. The weather changes every day, if not a few times a day and the same coastline looks so different.

I absolutely adore the place myself and thats why I wanted to bring you the memory of Cornwall, the way I remember this stunning place, to your homes. I have released a series of smaller paintings that can be an ideal gift for somebody special or just for yourself to decorate your wall. If you like a specific painting and you feel like there is more space on your wall, you can match it with another one. If you have a photograph of Cornwall

(or another place that has inspired you) and you would like to see it presented in my style, contact me and request a commission.

There is a little surprise coming soon. I am currently working on new sets of coasters with similar designs. Yes, the coasters will have views of Cornwall hand painted on them, soon to be available at my online store and during my next art fair event.

I wish you a wonderful day and if you ever need any more information about either art, events or workshops, please send me a direct message.

Anna Schofield

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