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Painting my dreams

It is winter. It is cold and windy outside. In fact I miss this beautiful, white snow that covers everything around just as a reminder of a different season. English winters are not exactly the same as Polish ones. I used to think I will be influenced to paint what I see straight away but it doesn't work like that. Well at least not in my case. I tend to paint what my subconscious tells me to at the right moment and I respond to it.

A few days ago I woke up very early in the morning and there was this strong contrast of two vibrant colours . Purples and oranges were almost dancing in front of me screaming: "paint me, paint me". I had no idea what will I paint but I knew it has to be something with these two colours, ideally many shades of them. I didn't have to wait long and these two paintings appeared as two new pieces of my 2019 year collection of small contemporary landscapes.

I am looking forward to another impulse like that to see what will my hands decide to paint next.


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