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Many people ask me how long does it take to paint the painting? Well the answer is not so easy because every painting has a different history. There are many factors that influenced me to paint a particular artwork. Some take a long time even during the preparation. Usually thinking process or time feeding your mind with ideas takes the longest. Then when the right time comes, the magic happens and every thought is translated on the canvas.

Yesterday I was guided by a pure instinct. Some people could say it was a spiritual power that was telling what to do. There was almost like an invisible hand taking me to my studio to take a fresh canvas. It felt different but good and confident that this is the right place to go. I could not wait until I can start mixing the colours on the canvas. I wanted to see a lot of movement, contrasts and vibrant shades.

A few hours later I could see almost finished piece. I could not believe myself and what Is it finished ? Maybe only abandoned but it can a story.

Anna Schofield

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