“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes.” ― A. Gork

One of the best ways to bring more colour and energy to your room is to invest in a stronger piece that would be hung in a central place of your room. Personally, I believe that abstract is a perfect choice. The right balance of colour, interesting texture and light can trigger your mind, especially the subconscious mind, to work and imagine things, emotions and situations in a creative way. Your thoughts will take you on a journey to places you have not yet discovered. Why is it important? Being an artist made me understand how important my thoughts are, so that I can control them. Our brain can generate many thoughts each day however it is only up to us what we choose to focus on. Choosing positive thoughts attracts more abundance and prosperity to our life. An abstract that we resonate with can have this impact on us.

Emotions, movement, colour and light are my sources of inspiration while I am painting my abstracts. I feel the happiest when my body, spirit and thoughts are in harmony in a moment. This also happens when I dance. My body, spirit and thoughts unify in the moment. Feelings and emotions are translated into colours and light, and texture is my own stamp.

I am happy to present you with some of my new work which have been shared by an online gallery in Paris. These designs can be recreated on a canvas size of your own choice.

Anna Schofield

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