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Realistic or modern art?

I remember when I started my journey with painting and all my pieces presented a classic view of a landscape. I asked myself if I master the technique I will become a better artist and I will get more exposure. Well the answer is yes and no. Yes it is important to master my technique and improve my skills as an artist all the time however, realistic art has been done so many times that there is time for a modern, fresh approach.

At the beginning I could not understand why this messy approach can be interesting. Then I started looking at some of the examples of some amazing contemporary artists and my perspective has changed completely. Take for example Siobhan McDonald, Neal Hanna, Yvonne Broeren, Magdalena Morey or Joan Fullerton.Their work is exceptional and forces you to think about what it could be, colours set the mood and those interesting marks take you on a journey. I fell in love in contemporary art and since then I started painting more suggestive pieces. I would like the viewer to go through a similar experience of working out what the object can be on my paintings. My journey with contemporary art has only just started however I feel already that it will last a long time. I love the the fact this art is so fun and unpredictable and I have got so much to learn. I would like to encourage every artist to experiment, work with different media and create a unique language of modern art. If you like this article then comment or let me know and I shall write more about it.

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