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ABC ART Trail Beeston

I have taken part in the ABC Art Trail over this weekend. I was very lucky to be accepted to show my work among 29 other artists and crafters. During this event I was given an opportunity to engage with my customers and followers and talk to brand new faces about me and my art. It was wonderful to be able to share more information about my art, what inspired me to create a certain piece, why did I go for this colour palette. The turnout was great over these two days which was wonderful to see especially those who were looking forward to seeing my art. I met other artists and had lovely conversations about contemporary style which is my favourite at the moment and I am pleased to say a lot of people decided to purchase a piece from me that encourages their imagination to work and come up with many responses. I am still offering original art only, however I started considering doing prints as well. Maybe that could be a next step if I do more events like that. So far I can offer prints via

Overall I am very happy I could participate in the event and I was grateful to get a nice space in the local gallery in Beeston.

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