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The Abundant art show

Exciting news! I am participating in the Abundant art show for artist that will last 8 days.

This is a brilliant idea for all of us artists to focus on simple things that we can do every day that can brings us more sales. I will be sharing lots of new photographs documenting my process. As an artist I sometimes cut myself off from the world around me and just work through the painting, forgetting that you may want to see how I did it. I think its really clever step and could be used a brilliant marketing element as well. During the challenge I will be also sharing work of other artists, who participate in this challenge. I think its great idea to connect with other artists and support, share. like what they do. We are given tasks for every day so watch the space and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram to see what I am on about to share. Want to know more? Drop me a message or comment below.

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