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Realistic seascape

Some time ago I have started using mixed media and almost all of my artwork started with a new process. I have started applying gesso, wax or polyfilla using palette knife to create the suggestion of the marks. Most of my work turned out exactly as I wanted but some just did not work at all. The above piece has gone through a journey of three views. Each time I was changing the scene to bring the best out of it but sometimes it didn't wok in the end. Finally I thought what if I paint a more realistic view on the contemporary piece? Will those under- laylers of mix media work to my favour? To my surprise they did. I decided to smooth certain areas by thicker marks of oil paint and highlight the stronger areas by adding more contrast. Finally I could say I am beginning to like this painting. I wonder if I am the only artist who is going through emotional battles of creation before they put the brush down?

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