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Improving my style

Work in progress

I have noticed I am going through the faces and I either stick to one subject for a while or the way I apply texture and colour. I have grown to the place where I am happy to have less paintings in stock but much better in quality.

I have created this landscape just recently and left it to dry. It looks interesting already but I want to add more transparent layers to it. Some people may think there is a fine line with a finished piece and the one that can be overdone. I was once told by a fabulous artist that our paintings are never finished. We change, our style improves hence some of our older artworks can be changed. I try to keep a good balance of colour and texture on my paintings. I believe a good painting should have both: interesting parts to look at and those that allows our eyes to rest.

Doing longer breaks between painting next layer allows me to look at it with a completely fresh pair of eyes and may the view will change or maybe just certain areas will be improved.

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