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New oil painting

Have you ever seen a place that made you stop and you could not stop looking at it? It lasted only a few seconds but you felt like it lasted longer and you did not want to look anywhere else. Being an artist means you are extra sensitive and experience this kind of moment very often. The natural treasures discovered by accident become the most important images feeding our inspiration hence, traveling is the best way to see things from a different perspective.

Two weeks ago we went to Cornwall for a few days. It felt like we both needed to escape from routine and let nature surprise us. We saw the most absolutely incredible coastline and harbours over a very short space of time and among them the harbour in Penzance. Then I saw them. A few boats dancing softly on the water. I closed my eyes and I could still hear the sound of them gently bobbing.. It was so hypnotic that for a moment I completely forgot where I was. I could easily spend hours there and I do not think my eyes could have enough of it. All of the boats were quite close to each other, almost in a chain. Since I got back home that image has been coming back to my mind almost every day and almost "begged to be painted".

"Sailing Boats" is my new work inspired by that peaceful day I spent in Penzance. If you feel like you connect with that painting you can own it. To see more information visit my shop and "Seascapes".

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