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Abstract inspired by volcano eruption

My role as an artist is to find the "language" that allows me to interpret the wonders of nature. Inspiration comes from many sources and can never be defined as one, limited place to which I will never come back again. Over the time my mind imagines new shapes or comes back to things, places or events that are deep in my memory. One of the best forms of inspiration is my customer's vision, who can imagine their own interpretation of a place or an object translated to canvas using my style.

In June this year I took part in an Art craft fair where I had the chance to present some of my work to a larger audience who had never seen my work before. During the event I met so many wonderful people who either purchased my art, wanted to be inspired or those who had a vision of their own art presented with "my hands". I was requested to paint an abstract inspired by a volcano eruption. I was given a few photographs from which I could understand closer the final effect of lava presented on the painting. The challenge was to create this interpretation on a canvas 30cm x 80cm which would be hung vertically.

Have you got an image, shape, place that constantly comes back to your memory and you are searching for the right interpretation of it? Maybe my way of presenting marks on canvas could meet your requirements? Your vision will be discussed and tested before the final paintings start to appear on the canvas. Each stage of the process will be confirmed and you will be provided with photographs of close up details to make sure you are happy with the outcome.

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