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5 Things you should know before buying a piece of art.

1. Find out what you like.

Do research on different portals, selecting filters to find out what style you like the most.

I suggest Artfinder, Saatchi Art, Fine art America and of course visiting galleries will be crucial to see some of the examples in real life. You will find that the longer you research for your taste will evolve. Understanding what "talks to you" can be a very exciting journey. Give yourself this time.

2. Do you buy to invest or because you like it?

Decide if you buy a piece of art with the intention of decorating your room or buy to invest your money. The first one is much easier, because you just want to find a painting you fall in love with and put aside a specific amount of money to cover the expenses. If you plan to invest in a painting, then you should know that a canvas painting will be more expensive than a painting on paper. By deciding to buy a unique piece of art you should know it will have an influence on the cost. In both cases set yourself a budget you are willing to spend on a piece of art.

3. Think about the size

Measure the space on the wall you can dedicate for the paining. Think about the finishing touches, would you like to have a frame with a slip, floating frame or just a canvas on its own? This will have an influence on the size of the painting you are planning to buy. If you are limited to a certain size and you have been struggling to find the right size, think about commissioning the artist to paint an art piece.

4. Look for artists that have progressed with their style and themes.

Think about a piece of art that could stimulate your senses, has an interesting colour palette and could lead to great discussions with your friends. Once you do your research you will notice that some paintings develop an emotional relationship, they leave a long lasting impression and you remember them for longer. These are the paintings you like the most.

5.Artist’s background.

Do the research before you commit to the painting as you may find that self-taught artist can offer you the piece of art you are looking for. I believe that the artist that works very hard on their work can provide exactly the art you search. I would suggest to look for the signs of credibility, these artist will present their passion in a unique way and have commitment to their practise. If you can visit the artist’s studio or attend one of his/hers art fairs to see the quality of work that would be great. It takes about three connections with an artist before you decide about purchasing the art from them.

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