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Creating mysterious and calm art that takes you back in time

Would you like to go back in time? I would, just for a second to witness stunning coronations, listen to peoples conversation, see what they wore or get lost somewhere in the middle of the ocean where powerful ships met to decide the outcome. of battle.

I love history and this topic comes back to me in the form of my art. My latest artwork, "Mysterious and Calm" is my way to go back in time to imagine the moment of fear between two opponents and the calmness of the sea. I paint this vision using very suggestive marks (almost abstract strokes) to translate my emontions on the canvas in a dramatic way. I would like you to feel, you are there and imagine yourself being on one of these ships.

My goal is to present the scene in a mysterious, dark and in the same time calming and hopeful way. Thats why the colour palette is developed to give you strong and unique contrasts and an interesting balance of shades.

This interpretation can represent a battle, truce or a restful moment. It is completely up to you. In fact I would prefer you to see a few situations, then I know I managed to stimulate your imagination in some ways and my work is done.

Best Regards

Anna Schofield

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