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Kaleidoscope of colours

There are days when I allow my emotions to guide me and create shapes and choose colours for me. This is the time, when freedom movement is taking over and my hand draws the marks when it wants to without me having control over the outcome. This is the type of painting I love the most however not every artist would like it.

The Kaleidoscope of Colours and all of my abstracts are painted in the same kind of way. I tend to create certain textures first that can suggest the following shapes and then just simply play with the colour. Each layer added to the artwork gives me a different suggestion to which I respond. I carry on adding as many layers until I am happy with the outcome. I have received a lot of requests in regards to how I create these vibrant abstracts therefore I decided to record a time-lapse. To see how this particular piece has been painted please visit youtube.. use the following link

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