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Art on the wall

Some of my customers said they found it difficult to imagine the finished article meaning the painting with context to the decor. To make it easier, I thought I would have my own subpage available presenting you with some of the ideas how the artwork could look on the wall.

You will find it

There are many ways in which you can decorate your wall using artwork. It can either be one big statement piece or a few smaller paintings presented in stylish frames matching your decor. I personally think that a frame finishes the look of the painting. Canvases can be framed in a floating frame which can be sourced either at the galleries offering framing services or even from a supplier that can probably offer a better deal. Some customers that purchased my paintings were happy with the canvas on its own and of course that will work well as well, providing you are happy with the modern look.

The examples of work presented above are squares as this is currently my favourite size, however you can play with portrait types of the paintings in a similar way. The very interesting decoration will be panoramic canvases. You can go for one horizontal painting or request two or even three panoramic size canvases that will be hang vertically.

You can also request a round canvas if you like something completely different that will definitely catch the eye and will start some interesting conversations.

I am happy to present a simulation for your request. If you send me a photograph of the wall you plan to put the painting on, I am happy to send you a few ideas of the image including the painting and your room, then its easier to decide what will work better. Art and the way we frame it will always be a personal choice.

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